An Assembly that Shows Students in Grades 3 to 12 How to Remember Better and Make School Easier

Why an Assembly Show about Memory?

  • If students are able to remember better, less time can be spent on reviewing basic facts and more time can be spent on critical thinking, problem solving, higher learning, thinking skills and creativity.
  • How many students have been taught how to remember? (Were you?) It can be done - and it’s fun!
  • Using the creativity inherent in young students allows them to enjoy learning!
  • A better memory helps with test scores, chores remembered, and more!
  • Remembering better instils confidence and pride in students.
  • The show is fun and entertaining!
About The Show
The “Feats of Memory” assembly show helps students understand:
  • How their memories work
  • The three essential steps to remembering
  • The three keys to unlocking their amazing memory ability
  • The importance of homework and review
  • How to make any school subject easier (and more fun!)
  • How to get better grades using the imagination and creativity
  • How to improve recall and reduce test-taking stress
  • How to focus more in class
Plus the students are entertained and amazed by "Feats of Memory:"
  • Students provide a random 40-digit number and Mr. Z. memorizes it in less than 60 seconds
  • Students learn how to memorize a shuffled deck of jumbo playing cards (with Mr. Z's help)
  • Students love having their names remembered and are amazed with how many Mr. Z is able to learn and recall
  • Plus balancing, juggling, theater, comedy and more!
I have been teaching for 15 years and can honestly say that after watching his show I became more motivated and instantly incorporated some of his techniques into my everyday teaching.

Students have responded in a positive manner and have changed the way they are going about remembering facts. I have seen an improvement in their ability to retain information on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this program. Jon S. 6th grade teacher, Setauket, NY

Unlock Your Amazing Memory

What people have been asking for: all the extras and details that couldn't fit into the assembly show due to time constraints!

Get better grades, impress teachers, friends and family, and learn skills that will make school easier and more fun.

Brad's show was fantastic!!! The students and teachers at my school were amazed! The most impressive part was my sixth grade teachers’ reaction to the show! They spent their lunch break discussing Brad's techniques with him! PS: the kids loved the show too!!! Excellent educational content!!!"Christine G. Setauket, NY
My son talked about it all night. The teachers gave very positive feedback and enjoyed the program. The students were amazed that he memorized the numbers and deck of cards.Jen L. Clifton Park, NY
The students, staff and principal loved the show!! Everyone was thoroughly entertained and amazed. Everyone learned something!!! Tracy P. Matawan, NJ
Brad offers another assembly program: “FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide,” which is about personal finance.
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